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Dr. Mohamad Abd. Chamsin

Dr. Mohamad Abd. Chamsin

After American University of Beirut where I studied chemistry, I had a chance to know about Kaunas Medical Academy (KMA) from one advertisement and decided to take the adventure since Lithuania wasn't well known to the Lebanese. What encouraged me to do so was the English language program. I studied at the Faculty of Pharmacy and our pharmacy class was the first which graduated in 1996.

During my stay in Lithuania I was so lucky to find my love there and married the most precious woman who stands by me all the time.

After that I returned to Lebanon and took an exam of pharmacy. I was in the first group of students which graduated from KMA and the examiners were not sure about the level of Lithuanian studies. I remember when they had finished questioning me, one professor started asking me about Lithuania, KMA, the cost of studies. Since the professor was satisfied with my level of knowledge he had an idea to send his son to study at KMA. This added to building up a good reputation of KMA in Lebanon and value the KMA graduates later.

I started my work in Lebanon by opening my own pharmacy "Chamsin Pharmacy" in 1996. It was the only one pharmacy in approximately large area. This helped me to gain popularity and people encouraged me to enter the Municipal election of Tripoli in 1998 and 2004 as an independent candidate. In 2010 I had a chance to be a member in the list which won the election. I became a council member in Tripoli Municipality and immediately I thought of the possibility to make a twinning with Kaunas Municipality since there were many common interests. I began the work towards twining in June 2010 and have continued this procedure up to now.

Along with my pharmaceutical work, I am engaged in political activities. I cooperate with the Lithuanian Honourable Council in Beirut to help solving problems of the people coming from Lithuania.

During my stay in Lithuania I was lucky to find my love and I married her. I have three lovely children, the oldest boy is seventeen, the girl is thirteen and the youngest boy is six years old.

I am proud to have graduated from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and happy for receiving two certificates of appreciation from the University, one for hosting an LSMU delegate in Tripoli and the second for my contribution in the development of the study program to international level for 25 years.

I will never stop building up bonds between Kaunas and Tripoli because I believe that we can find many things in common.

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