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Home » Ask Alumni » Dr. Prashanth Prakash


Dr. Prashanth Prakash

Year of LSMU graduation: 2014
Studied programme in LSMU: Public Health
Workplace; Position:
Professor, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, University of Dentistry, Chennai city, India. Private Dental Practice; Owner/Manager; Chennai, India

Opinion about studies in LSMU:
Two wonderful years, studying in the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is an experience well cherished and unforgettable. Being in the midst of well experienced and renowned faculty members during our study course in the Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine enhanced our international study and work exposure. Kaunas city, where the university is housed is beautiful and picturesque. It is an ideal and friendly place for students to live as it is very reasonable in terms of housing rent, living expenses etc. Not to mention the amazing gastronomic variety of local and international cuisine. A historic, at the same time modern country with deep rooted culture and tradition is what Lithuania is all about. Besides the Erasmus exchange program opportunity, which the university offered us, contributed to our achievements. We had an opportunity of living and studying in Finland for one semester. Finally, we finished our course and were honoured with a wonderful graduation ceremony after which we returned to our homeland rich with knowledge and experience. We are able to apply what we were taught into our profession.

If you are interested in studies at LSMU and wish to know my opinion or if you have just graduated from LSMU and need advice on starting work in India, I will kindly share my memories and experience! br/>

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